How Is High-end Painting Similar to Fine Dining?

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Saturday, December 23, 2017

When you walk into a fast-food restaurant, you know what you’re going to get. It will fill your stomach, and it may taste pretty good, but it is neither wholesome nor truly tasteful. In the same way, a budget painting company can get colors on the wall, but the health and aesthetics of your walls will not be what you hoped for. In contrast, a high-end painting company is like a high-class chef, and the quality painting they provide is like an exquisite meal!

Quality Ingredients Make All the Difference

In a fine restaurant, you know you can expect the best ingredients: fresh vegetables, quality meats, and in-house sauces. A high-end painting company operates on a similar principle. We use only the best products, with the richest colors, the most even coverage, and the most consistent textures and sheens. This means that your walls will look better, and your paint job will last longer.

No Shortcuts in the Preparation

A truly great meal isn’t mass-produced. The chef begins with raw ingredients and makes sure that every step of the preparation is done artistically and correctly. The same goes for a quality painter. Each step is given detailed attention, including painstaking surface repair and preparation.

Cleanliness Is Next to… Excellence!

No one wants to eat a meal when they know it is produced in a filthy kitchen. Similarly, a high-end painter keeps a tidy work area in your home. We make sure to thoroughly protect all non-painted surfaces, and we are careful to keep your home pleasant. At the end of each day, we stow our tools and materials so that they cause no inconvenience or disruption in your home.

Service with a Smile

In a fine eating establishment, the host or hostess is welcoming, the waiters and waitresses are helpful and accommodating, and every other member of the restaurant is devoted to your comfort and pleasure. A good painting company has the same characteristics. The estimator is warm and puts you at ease. The painters are accommodating and polite, and the office staff is always ready to help.

So Much to Savor

When you enjoy a fine meal, every bite offers so much flavor, texture, beauty, and quality to enjoy. When you have your home painted by a true craftsman, there is a similar experience. Every clean line, every smooth surface, every rich color, all of it brings pleasure to the senses. The main difference is that a meal is over within hours, but a great paint job lasts for years!

High-end Painting in the Portland Area

If you treat your home with the same discriminating standards as you do your food, then Sundeleaf Painting is ready to serve you with premium painting services. We have been painting fine homes here in the Portland area for nearly 90 years. If you want a taste of our work, take a look at our portfolio. We think you’ll agree, our high-end painting services are second to none!

Besides interior and exterior painting, we also offer wood refinishing and restoration, wallpaper removal and installation, and decorative and faux finishing.

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