Decorative & Faux Painting

Decorative & Faux Painting Decorative & Faux Painting

Interior painting of new and old homes is always a chance to drastically makeover or otherwise improve a home's appearance. One can go minimal or classic, or take the opposite route into Decorative and Faux Painting territory. Sundeleaf's painters, well trained and practiced as they are in these crafts, can make any painted surface look like something else.

Whether homeowners are looking for Venetian Plaster or Trompe l'oeil, or anything in between, our painters have the equipment and experience to help realize your vision. Multiple looks for your home's various rooms are not a problem. Our painters will enjoy the decorative, artistic work as much as you will.

Below is a list of the various Decorative & Faux Finishes that Sundeleaf Painting offers:

  • Color Wash
  • Marbelizing
  • Venetian Plaster
  • Terra Fresco
  • Strie Painting
  • Distressing & Crackle Painting
  • Gold Leaf, Bronzing & Metallic Finishes
  • Woodgraining
  • Rag-Rolling, Sponge Painting and more!
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