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Wallpaper & Coverings Wallpaper & Coverings

For decades, Sundeleaf Painting has applied wallpaper to residential and commercial interiors. We have some of the finest wallcovering craftsman in the Portland area, and if you work with us, you'll see why.

Wallpaper's Advantages

Wallcovering no doubt gives the customer a variety of appearances or looks, but it also offers great advantages in pricing. Some patterns and makes are more expensive than others. A high-end wallpaper would look great in a large estate, whereas hotels and hospitals often feature heavy-duty wallcovering in high traffic areas since it absorbs the wear and tear well. Sundeleaf Painting is happy to apply this type of wallcovering for our commercial customers.

Extensive Patterns & Colors

There are no shortage of different wallpaper patterns and colors. More recently, there has been something of a renaissance in wallpaper production and design, from big commercial suppliers to boutique companies. With the right wallpaper and application, a home or business's interior can be instantly transformed. The wallpaper will add depth and character that traditional paint cannot duplicate. Other wallpapers can replicate the look of faux finishes, or be made to resemble surfaces such wood.

Customers Can Create Their Own Wallpaper

One of the great upsides of wallpaper is that residential or commercial customers can create their own designs. Sundeleaf can work with you on the look, or you can come up with your own. We can then apply it to your walls.

If you have any other questions on wallpaper and wallcovering, please give Sundeleaf Painting a call.

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