Exterior Painting in the Portland Area - Is Your Home Ready?

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, April 27, 2017

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Here at Sundeleaf Painting, we’re big proponents of proactive maintenance. After all, it’s easier to keep something in good repair than it is to totally reverse a long period of neglect.

Think of it this way: would you rather change your car’s tires when the tread wears thin, or wait until it blows out and risk being stranded?

This same principle really applies to your home’s exterior paint, too. Rather than wait until your bushes are dusted with paint chips, we recommend ongoing TLC.

Unmistakable Signs That Your Home Is Ready for Exterior Painting

Here’s what you should watch for!

  • Crumbling Caulk - It’s easy to overlook, but this essential sealant protects against not only pests and moisture intrusion, but also works hard to keep your home tight and efficient. Keep a close eye out for brittle breakdowns - if you see it, especially around your doors and windows, it’s time for replacement.
  • Wood Rot - Soft, decaying wood needs to be repaired/replaced right away in order to stop the progression of the fungi that’s munching on your home’s solid fibers. Thorough exterior painting services should include clear recommendations for repair and surface preparation.
  • Spider Cracks - If these little hairline fractures are popping up on your siding, this is your last chance to invest in exterior painting before your existing paint completely fails. It’s a great opportunity for savings as well! Catching problems early is always the most cost-effective route.
  • Fading - Especially on the sides of your home that experience the most direct exposure to the weather, fading can be a real issue and sign of wear. A high-quality paint will retain its color integrity longer than cheap alternatives, but it’s still a symptom to watch for over time.

Partner with a Local, High-End Exterior Painting Company

Finding a trustworthy professional who will do the job right is invaluable. If you live in the Portland area, be sure to reach out to us at Sundeleaf Painting! It would be our pleasure to serve you.

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