Do I Need to Have My Walls Skim Coated?

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Skim coating is the process of applying a thin layer of drywall compound evenly over a wall. The purpose is to even out any flaws in the surface in order to prepare for a quality paint job. Here in the Portland area, many of the finest homes have skim coating done on their walls before interior painting.
There are five levels of drywall finish, rated according to smoothness, and level 5 is the highest. If you want your walls to be at level 5, skim coating is the only way to do it. In fine homes, this level of smoothness is necessary wherever a wall will be highlighted in any way. This would include any walls with semi-gloss or glossy paints, or walls with light that reflects at an oblique angle. 
In short, you probably want to have your walls skim coated if:
  • there is any damage on the current drywall
  • wallpaper was removed from the wall
  • your new coat of paint will be reflective
  • the wall is highly visible
  • you want unparalleled smoothness and beauty on your walls!
Because high-end painting focuses on using the best techniques to acheive a superior finished product, it very often includes skim coating.

Does Skim Coating Make the Project Take Longer?

The length of time that it takes to skim coat a wall or room depends on the scope of the project (how many square feet need to be covered) and the severity of the flaws that need to be repaired. The skim coating material is applied in thin layers, and each layer needs to dry before the next one is applied. Skim coating a home could take one coat, or several.
Another part of the picture to keep in mind is that when drywall is repaired or skim coated in any way, it will need to be primed. A primer seals the pores in the drywall compound, and provides a good surface for the top coat of interior paint to adhere to. Primer dries quite quickly, and generally only needs one coat. 
In all, if you choose to have skim coating as part of your interior painting project, it will likely add a day or more to the process. On a large project, it could extend the time by several days. However, the results it produces are amazing!

Superior House Painting in the Portland Area

High-end homes deserve high-end treatment, and Sundeleaf Painting can provide it! We offer premium painting services, including skim coating, for discerning homeowners here in the Portland region. In addition, we offer wallpaper services, faux painting, wood refinishing, and much more. See our portfolio for examples of our work.
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