Simple Tips for Painting and Decorating a Small Room

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Wednesday, November 30, 2016

painting a small room

You know, magicians aren’t the only ones who work in an industry fueled by optical illusions. Light, mirrors, colors, and misdirection are in the toolkit of a talented painter as well, and come in handy quite often.

These tips and tricks are never more important than when we help clients make the very most of a smaller room. After all, especially in older homes, the layout is often chopped up rather than connected and unified like a more modern open concept design.

Never fear! We have a few practical tips for making a little magic in your home.

How Can You Paint a Small Room to Make It Feel Larger?

  • Stick with Lighter Paint Colors – Fortunately, light neutrals (including off-white) are extremely popular and stylish. Take a look here for inspiration and examples.
  • Maximize Crown Molding – Try painting it a lighter color than the walls. This will make it stand out, and create the illusion of the ceiling being taller than it really is.
  • Paint Parallel Walls Matching Colors – Nobody wants a room to look or feel like a box. To dodge this unfortunate effect, paint two parallel walls one color, and the other two parallel walls another color.
  • Use Higher Gloss Paint – High-gloss paint is not only reflective, durable, and ideal for walls in busy rooms, but it also will ricochet light. This creates the (you guessed it!) illusion that the room is brighter and bigger.
  • Do You Have a Large, Non-Negotiable Piece of Furniture? – Ideally large, bulky pieces of furniture would find a home elsewhere. If this isn’t an option, try painting your walls a slightly different color than the piece. This creates a monochromatic color scheme, and helps the furniture to not stand out starkly and fill the landscape.

Remember, the key is to keep things as bright and open as possible. Make sure any natural light is maximized (avoid heavy drapes, for example), and consider investing in a decorative mirror. Not only are they pretty, but they also bounce light and make the room feel larger because of their reflective properties.

Talk to a Professional Painting Company About Color Consultation Services

One of the dozens of good reasons to call your local painter is the fact that they often can help with color consultations. Capitalize on their experience and insight, and make the very most of your interior painting investment.

You would be amazed by what a difference skillful painting can create in any room of your home!

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