Four Classy Colors for High-End Interior Painting

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Monday, February 19, 2018

Among the high-end homes in our area, white is an undisputed champion for classy, classic beauty. But how about other options? Are there other places we can go on the spectrum to bring more life and vibrancy, without compromising the exclusive quality of our interior decor? Absolutely! Here are four paint colors that you can consider to enhance the beauty of your home interior.

Dark Plum

Appropriate for living rooms, formal dining rooms, bedrooms, or a powder room, dark plum is a rich, lively color without being at all gaudy. While it could get claustrophobic in large amounts, it makes a delicious statement when used in good proportion. Use it on an interior door, on an accent wall, or even on the ceiling! Just make sure you have some other purple-toned items in the room to tie the space together. 




This calm, pleasing tone works as an excellent not-quite-neutral color for walls in large or small spaces. It goes very well with whites and grays, and especially with natural or stained wood. Painting companies across the country are seeing customers request sage for their interior walls.





Several paint companies have chosen a dark gray or off-black as their color of the year recently, and these shades are definitely making a splash in fine homes in the Portland area. One popular place to use slate is on built-in shelves or fireplace surrounds. Also, dark hues are showing up on interior doors and ceilings. Finally, an accent wall is a great place to make a focal point with dark slate.




Burnt Orange

As long as it's not on a shag carpet, burnt orange is a fantastic way to provide a modern, lively focal point in a classy room. It can be a simple as a throw-pillow, or as intricate as a stencilled pattern on the wall. A formal living room or a dining room would be an excellent place to let this color work its magic, especially if the dominant tone in the room is white. 




High-end Painting in the Portland Area

If your home interior is feeling the need for a change, Sundeleaf Painting would be delighted to serve you! We provide premium interior painting services for discerning clients in Portland and in Vancouver, Washington. Our team can help you choose the perfect colors that will be up-to-date and attractive, making your home an enjoyable place to live and to display to your guests.

When you need quality painting services, Sundeleaf Painting is the company to call. Our crews are experts in site and surface preparation, so that your walls will be smooth and ready for a high-end paint job. We take every detail of every step seriously, ensuring that your finished product is an absolute masterpiece!

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