A Painter’s Perspective on First Impressions

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Monday, April 30, 2018

How important is a good first impression? It depends on the situation, doesn’t it? A first date, a job interview, presenting a case before a jury, welcoming guests into your home, inviting potential clients to consider your product or service… the stakes might be different in each circumstance, but the importance of a good first impression is still clear.

The truth is, there are some cases where you can recover from a bad first impression, but it takes a lot more work than if you had made a good impression to start with. And sometimes, the first impression is the only chance you get.

How Does a Painting Contractor Think about First Impressions?

Our goal is that every client, whether they seek residential or commercial painting, has a positive first impression of us. That begins with our website and print advertisements, and extends through all of our interactions:

  • The first voice you hear when we speak to you on the phone must be friendly, polite, and professional.
  • The first face you see when our estimator comes must be helpful, knowledgeable, and not at all pushy.
  • As soon as our painters enter your home, they need to be timely, tidy, and respectful of your family and property.

When we put our best foot forward, it gives our customers confidence that we can also help them present a positive image.

House Painting for a Great First Impression

Whether you are trying to sell your home or you have guests coming over, exterior painting is the place to start to make a great first impression. Curb appeal involves a combination of factors, including the tidiness of your landscaping (and even the weather, which is out of our hands, unfortunately), but the most prominent feature is the paint on your home. Are the colors well-chosen and attractive? Is the condition of the paint healthy and fresh? Is the paint applied skillfully?


Your front door is also a great place to make an impression. Not only does a colorful front door provide a focal point for the front of the home, but it also is the portal through which your guests enter, a transition from the exterior to the interior.

Once inside the home, your foyer and hallways are the next impression your guests will receive. It doesn’t have to be showy and grand, but it should definitely be attractively painted and in good condition. The next priorities for interior painting would be the places where you entertain; the living room, dining room, primary bathroom, and kitchen are all areas where you want to step back and consider the visual statement they make.


Finally, if your guests will stay the night, you will want to take a good look at your guest room and guest bath. These interior painting projects can be easy ways to make a big difference!

Helping Portland Business Owners Make a Good First Impression

Commercial painting is a realm where first impressions can be a do-or-die matter, at least in a financial sense. Whether your business is a restaurant, a retail store, a hotel or a haberdasher (do those still exist?), your potential clients will only become actual clients if they have a good first impression. Of course, we need quality products and services which will keep those clients coming back, but often it is the first impression that gets them in the door.

For businesses in Portland, Sundeleaf Painting is a commercial painter you can trust to keep your business looking fresh, stylish, and attractive.

Portland House Painting and Commercial Painting

Sundeleaf Painting has been providing quality painting services in the Portland region since 1930. In addition to a good first impression, we are dedicated to making a lasting impression, by offering premium quality painting for homes and businesses.

Call us or contact us online to start a conversation about your next house painting or commercial painting project!

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