4 Tips for Choosing a Kitchen Paint Color

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Saturday, May 15, 2021

choosing kitchen paint colors

Kitchens are interesting spaces to paint, with numerous angles, lines, and surfaces to cover.

They also are a beautiful melting pot of textures and colors, from countertops to flooring, backsplashes to cabinetry. This medley of unique elements makes them beautiful, and provides incredible opportunity to let your personality and taste shine through every detail.

With all of these elements and details in mind, the key is to find the right paint to tie everything together.

Finding the Right Color for Your Kitchen

picking kitchen paint colors

Here are four practical tips to consider during your next update:

  • Paint Your Walls Last - In past articles we’ve shared a valuable exterior color selection tip: consider your fixed colors. These are the elements that aren’t easily changed, and your paint should be paired with them carefully. The same is true for your kitchen. Think through your “fixed elements” like cabinets, counters, and flooring, and then let your paint be the icing on the cake.
  • Monochromatic Colors - If you’re painting your cabinets, try modifying that color just slightly for your walls. This is a strategy used to tie multiple spaces together throughout an interior color scheme, and it works well for kitchens, too. You’re guaranteed to achieve a coordinating color palette, and it’s simple (always a benefit!).
  • Go Neutral or Bold! - Unless it’s monochromatic, a successful middle ground is tough to achieve. We recommend either going neutral (a popular option!), or picking a deeper, bolder option that provides enough confident contrast to work.
  • Find Inspiration in Your Materials - Is there a dominant color within the materials in your kitchen? Perhaps a deep brown running through your granite countertop? Or maybe swirls of soft, vanilla-white? Work with your painter to draw that color out, match it, and use it on your walls. This is a popular way to discover inspiration that might be hiding right under your nose.

Ask Your Painter for Professional Color Selection Assistance

It’s worth taking the time to make sure you truly love the colors you choose. Talk to your painter, put together a plan, and get creative!

If you live here in Portland, OR, be sure to contact us at Sundeleaf Painting. It would be our pleasure to serve you.

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