Wood Restoration Services in Portland’s Westover Neighborhood

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, June 28, 2018

Few materials on earth match the beauty and versatility of wood, giving us a great variety of architectural and decorative options. Time, however, takes its toll on everything, and wood is no exception. Exterior wood faces the greater challenge, with rain, sun, insects, and seasonal temperature changes all conspiring to degrade the quality of our exterior wood. Interior wood also faces wear and tear from daily use, plus the natural discoloration that can happen with time.

Sundeleaf Painting shares your love of elegant woodwork, and we take great pride in being one of the foremost wood restoration experts in the Portland metropolitan area. For houses and condos in Portland’s Westover neighborhood, Sundeleaf Painting offers interior and exterior wood refinishing services, making sure your woodwork shines with the natural beauty it was born for!

Exterior Wood Restoration

The starting place for any exterior wood restoration is always a careful inspection to evaluate the state of the wood. We look for aesthetic issues such as fading, discoloration, mildew, or paint failure. We also inspect for structural problems such as cracking, splitting, and wood rot.

Once the condition of the wood is clear, we work with you to craft a plan for restoring the wood’s beauty and functionality. That may include a number of different services:

  • Pressure Washing
  • Paint or Stain Removal
  • Light Carpentry Repair
  • Paint or Stain Color Consultation
  • Repainting or Restaining
  • Application of Protective Sealant

Interior Wood Restoration

When it comes to interior woodwork, inspection is also the first step, though the aesthetic aspects of coating failure are more an issue than wood deterioration. This is where our expertise in color-matching stains is indispensable, as well as our extensive repertoire of refinishing products and techniques.

When possible, we remove interior wood, such as furniture and cabinets, to our professional spray shop, where it can receive the care it needs without causing inconvenience and odor in your home. However, if your woodwork needs to remain in-place, we can also provide expert care for it there, working to minimize any inconveniences in that setting.

Sundeleaf Painting provides wood refinishing services in the Portland metro area

Our wood refinishing services include all kinds of finishes, including hand-rubbed or spray application, varnishes and lacquers, low VOC and natural oil finishes, and much more. We specialize in solutions!

Excellence in Every Stroke

At Sundeleaf Painting, we take great pride in a job well done, valuing craftsmanship and attention to detail in all our work. Whether we are refinishing the exterior woodwork on a Tudor-style home, the cabinetry in a gorgeous kitchen, or the antique furniture of a revered estate, we produce exceptional results. Homeowners in the Westover neighborhood can trust us to take expert care of their fine woodwork.

Are you interested in learning more about our custom spray shop? Or would you like to see our portfolio of wood restoration? There’s lots to learn and explore on our website!

If you want more information about our interior and exterior painting services in Portland’s Westover neighborhood and the greater metropolitan area, feel free to give us a call or contact us online. We always love hearing from our neighbors!

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