Wood Refinishing: Brushing vs. Spraying

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Wood has such a natural, elegant beauty, it is no wonder we cherish our wooden furniture and cabinets. When they are showing signs of age or wear, we don't want to cast them aside for replacement, but rather restore them to a state of glowing health and elegance! How is this kind of  antique wood restoration and refinishing accomplished? Is it better to brush or spray wood stains and finishes?

At Sundeleaf Painting, our preference is to do almost all our wood refinishing in our custom spray shop, where we can acheive fantstic results. In fact, our spray shop is one of the main things that sets us apart from other painting companies here in the Portland metropolitan area. 

What Makes Spraying Superior?

One of the best reasons to spray on your wood finishes when restoring antique wood furniture is the control you have over the thickness of the film and the uniformity of the application. Professional spray applicators are able to fine-tune all kinds of factors:

  • Particle size
  • Speed of spray
  • Width of dispersion

In the hands of an expert wood refinisher, these tools enable an unbelievably smooth, elegant finish on the restored wood.

Another advantage to spraying in a professional spray shop is the air filtration. Here in our spray shop, we have strong ducts to remove and filter the air, which keeps dust and overspray from marring the new finish on the wood. With this type of environmental control, the final results of spray application are phenomenal!

What about Non-Spray Refinishing Techniques?

There are some specific types of wood refinishing that are not as ideal for spraying, and Sundeleaf also provides these techniques. For example, some types of furniture do better with a hand-rubbed finish, acheiving maximum glow and shine in this manner. Also, some styles of woodworking require a brushed-on finish to have a more period-authentic look. 

When possible, we at Sundeleaf Painting prefer to do these non-spray wood refinishing jobs in our spray shop as well. While the spray equipment isn't necessary, the air filtration is still very important for producing the premium results our clients love. 

What If Items Can't Be Removed for Refinishing?

If a wooden feature is built into the home, we can still provide wood refinishing services with the items in-place, whether they will be sprayed or hand-finished. We simply isolate the area using tape and plastic, so that the finish stays in, and dust stays out.

While the results are still fantastic in a case like this, we prefer to remove the items to our shop when possible. That way, we aren't taking up space in your home as we work, and any product odors are also in our shop instead of in your house.

Wood Refinishing and Restoration in the Portland Metropolitan Area

Do you have any fine furniture or wooden features in your home that are in need of restoration or refinishing? Sundeleaf Painting would love to be of service! We also provide exterior painting, interior painting, deck refinishing, concrete cleaning, and a lot more! Feel free to give us a call, or contact us online to begin a conversation.

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