Why Wintertime Is the Perfect Time for Interior Painting

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Saturday, December 31, 2016

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It used to be that winter was considered one of the worst times of year for interior painting. This was mostly because fresh paint called for open windows and circulating air; closed spaces collected the fumes of now outdated products and left a lingering unpleasantness in the air.

Thanks to manufacturers who believe (as we do) that paint should be seen and not smelled, there are now low and zero-VOC products on the market. These environmentally-friendly options apply well, adhere beautifully, and are perfectly safe to use indoors during the colder months.

With the possibilities opened up, there are benefits to wintertime interior painting that are just too good to miss.

What Does Interior Painting This Winter Really Offer?

  • A pleasant distraction from the cold - Sure, work and family keep us all busy, but it’s still nice to have a fun side project to distract from a lack of outdoor activity. Painting is perfect for that. There are colors to choose, inspiration to find online, and a whole new look to enjoy.
  • Warm colors warm the season - For many, the winter months can be a true psychological hardship. Bringing fresh, bright, warmer colors into the equation can brighten your mood and increase positive thinking. Color is amazing that way!
  • Paint for the space - Here’s another incredible aspect of interior paint: you can paint for the purpose of the space, choosing colors that increase creativity, focus, relaxation, etc...
  • One fewer thing to do this summer - We know how busy summers can get. Why not take something off your to-do list now?

Here’s another benefit worth considering: winter is a slower time for many professional painting companies. This more open availability means extra convenience and scheduling possibilities for you.

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