Why Hire a Professional Painter Before the Holiday Season?

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Wednesday, September 22, 2021

why hire a professional interior painter?

Fall arrives, and suddenly you realize that with just a couple flips of the calendar pages you'll be smack dab in the holiday season. 

Are you ready? Is your home ready? 

Before you start writing out an exhaustive, probably impossible, home improvement wishlist, here's an idea: call a professional interior painter. You'll be glad you did.

7 reasons why you should hire a pro for your holiday interior painting projects

Paint offers a fast refresh

Unlike long-term construction or remodeling projects, fresh paint is a relatively quick way to revitalize and refresh spaces before friends and family arrive. Focus on those high-traffic areas in particular, like stairs, common areas, and hallways. They get worn out fast, making a paint transformation all the more satisfying. 

A professional painter offers structure and efficiency

Working with a professional means that you can take a deep breath, slow down, and focus on colors, style, and your priorities. They'll handle all the details and actual application so that you can keep the big picture in mind. Then, once it's scheduled, you'll know exactly when it will be done and what to expect. That's pretty priceless during a busy holiday season. 

Professional interior painting looks better

No offense. Unless you're a trained craftsperson, it's going to look better if it's done by a team that has the tools, products, and experience needed to properly prep a space, repair surface damage, and expertly apply paint. We're talking crisp lines, clean edges, perfect coverage... 

Save time for the things you'd rather be doing

Do you really want to be brushing, rolling, and burning up your evenings and weekends? Probably not. And what if that color doesn't turn out the way you'd hoped, and now you need to start fresh? A pro can help navigate those choices early on, creating the finishes you're looking for and troubleshooting any issues along the way. 

Professional painting is faster

An experienced painting team knows exactly what to do and how to do it efficiently without sacrificing any attention to detail. You're amazing at what you do from 9-5 every day, and a trained painter is amazing at what they do too. 

Get access to low-odor paint products

You need finishes that look incredible but don't knock spaces out of commission with long curing times and lingering odors. Interior painters today use low-VOC paint products that are big on style and performance but much more environmentally friendly. Need to prep those bedrooms and be ready to sleep in them ASAP? That's totally doable. 

Heading out of town? Find a trustworthy painting company to handle things while you're gone

Let's flip the equation: if you're leaving for the holidays, it can be a prime time to have your house painted while you're gone. Imagine coming back to a clean, freshly-painted house with no issues or inconvenience. Take your time, research painting companies, read reviews, and then leave it to your professional painter while you're enjoying your well-earned trip. 

Have questions about interior painting in Portland? 

Give us a call at Sundeleaf Painting! We're here to help, and would love to discuss your project goals with you. 

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