Which Wall Should Be Your Accent Wall?

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, October 15, 2015

Strategically picking the perfect home for your accent color...

Are you looking for a smaller, more manageable way to add extra style to your home before the holidays? As fantastic as more comprehensive updates can be, sometimes a small change can offer a huge amount of fun too.

Whether you hire a professional painter or tackle the task as a DIY adventure, painting an accent wall might be just the project you’re looking for.

So, What Exactly Is an Accent Wall?

In short, an accent wall is an opportunity.

First, it’s an opportunity to add a stronger, bold color that ties the rest of the color scheme together. For example, if your walls are light and more neutral, a deep, earthy accent color can provide a powerful point of connection. When used in conjunction with complementary decorative pieces (pillows, blankets, curtains, etc.), the room suddenly becomes cohesive in a very attractive way.

Your accent wall is also, however, an opportunity for strategic interior painting. By carefully considering which wall is painted, you can make the space feel larger, smaller, or either highlight or minimize certain features. Just like making a sentence bold in an email will make those specific words immediately pop out to your reader, your accent wall will immediately draw attention and visual focus. So, be careful what you draw those eyes to!

3 Considerations When Choosing Your Accent Wall

  • Color Theory - Remember that visual impact we alluded to above? This concept ties directly into Color Theory, essentially telling us that the colors we choose determine how we perceive a space. You can purposefully make walls feel longer, shorter, closer, or farther away. Take a look at this for article for interesting details and tips related to making Color Theory work for you.
  • What Are You Drawing Attention To? - Remember, your accent color immediately draws the eye. If there is a piece of furniture or architectural element that you would love to highlight, anchor it with your bold color. You can also turn that concept around by purposefully drawing attention away from some other aspect of the space that you want to minimize.
  • What’s In Front of Your Wall? - You can use your wall as an anchor, but it still should visible. Avoid painting an accent color on a surface that will be hidden by a bulky piece of furniture, heavy drapes, or anything else that will obscure it.

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