Which Is Better for Your Portland Home: Paint Or Wallpaper?

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Saturday, December 24, 2016

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Wallpaper might not be quite as popular in residential settings as it once was, but that may be because many homeowners are still dealing with bad memories of wallpapers past. Some truly frightening designs and patterns haunt the halls of older homes...

Today, wallpaper is versatile and stylish, offering many distinct advantages and unparalleled options for texture, color, and wow factor.

So, as your home update comes up, which should you choose? Paint or wallpaper?

Here are a few pros and cons to help guide your choice.

Advantages of Interior Painting

  • Works well in rooms with higher moisture content, like bathrooms.
  • Easy to update! If you like to switch things up with frequency, interior paint might be the better option for you. Wallpaper is a bit more of a commitment.
  • Interior paint can be very cost-effective, depending on your particular project and goals.
  • Are you a DIY-er? If you like tackling projects yourself here and there, you’ll have a much better time with paint.
  • Extremely marketable update if your home is being sold anytime soon.

Potential Interior Painting Disadvantages 

  • Paint can be damaged and gouged, while wallpaper is quite durable and forgiving.
  • Unless you hire a professional to apply custom mixes, designs, and finishes, you won’t enjoy quite the same level of unique character that wallpaper can offer.

Advantages of Wallpapering

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  • It’s very long-lasting, when applied well
  • Durability
  • Many options can be easily cleaned
  • Wallpaper has come a long, long way, making it a stylish and practical option for almost any room

Potential Wallpapering Disadvantages

  • Not a DIY project. Hanging wallpaper is an art, and its unforgiving nature demands a professional touch.
  • Because the adhesives that hold wallpaper into place don’t appreciate being damp, it’s not a good option for bathrooms or other humid spaces
  • Depending on your choice, it can be more costly than interior paint
  • Damaged wallpaper is not as easy as paint to touch up
  • Removal is difficult! 
  • May not be as marketable if you are selling your home

Talk to a Professional Wallpaper and Painting Company

As you may have gathered, many of the pros and cons are dictated by your budget, goals, and home life. We recommend talking to your local painting company, and working through your questions, concerns, and ideas directly with them. And, don't forget that you also can use both!

If you live in the Portland, OR, area, we hope you’ll contact us at Sundeleaf Painting! We’re here to help.

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