What to Do with Fine Furniture during Interior Painting

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Having your home interior painted can be an exciting, engaging process. Working with designers, imagining possibilities, and then watching those visions come to life -- there is a lot to look forward to! However, there are parts of the interior painting process that are cumbersome, yet they can't be ignored. One of those aspects is what to do with your furniture during the painting.

When your home is a carefully curated place of beauty and style, you don't want to risk any harm coming to your furniture or art. What is a good solution?

Do I Leave Furniture Issues to the Painting Company?

A quality house painting company is accustomed to taking great care in protecting your belongings, including furniture, clocks, art, instruments, carpets, and floors. However, they are in the painting business, not the furniture-moving business. Most house painters do not count moving sofas and grandfather clocks as part of their skill set, and they don't build the labor of moving those items into their estimates. 

In other words, your painter is in charge of transforming your walls and protecting the surroundings, but making those walls accessible to the painters is the homeowner's responsibility.

Is It OK to Move the Furniture to the Center of the Room?

In some cases, it would be acceptable to simply move all furniture to the center of the room, where it should be out of the way and easy to protect. However, there could be some circumstances which would make this an unfavorable solution.

  • If the ceiling is being painted, the furniture will need to be moved again to make the ceiling accessible. 
  • If the room is not very large, the piled-up furniture can get in the way of the painters using their preferred equipment. For example, high-end painters often use a long-handled paint roller to achieve a smooth, floor-to-ceiling stroke. If furniture is in the way of using long poles, this technique may not be an option.
  • Again, if the room is not large enough, the furniture in the center can create a traffic flow problem for the painters as they work, inhibiting their progress and increasing the possibility of an accident.

The best place for your furniture during interior painting is either in a different room of the house, or outside of the house entirely. And that brings us to the next idea:

Hiring a Moving Company to Move Furniture before Interior Painting

If you need your high-value furniture and decor moved before your interior is painted, a high-quality furniture moving company is the best solution. They are experienced and equipped to take proper care of your valuable items. They can bring your belongings to another part of your home for temporary storage, or they can help you arrange for another place to keep your furniture until the painting project is done.

In addition to their skill and experience, moving companies also offer coverage for your valuable goods, which you should ask about ahead of time.

Interior Painting Company for the Portland Region

Just like you want to see your furniture in good hands, you also, of course, want to see your home in good hands. It would be a waste to have all that furniture carefully moved, only to have a mediocre paint job.

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