What Is the Difference between Interior and Exterior House Paints?

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Friday, May 24, 2019

Walking down the aisle of a paint store, the endless variety of options can be overwhelming! There are so many specialized products, we might sometimes start to wonder if it is all just a marketing ploy. Is there really a significant difference between the various types of paint? What is the difference between interior and exterior house paint?

Rest assured, there are significant differences in the ingredients of exterior paint versus interior paint, resulting in a variety of properties and distinct advantages.

What Is Unique About Interior or Exterior House Paint?

The paints used inside your home do not need to withstand the weather. Instead, they need to hold up against bumps and scuffs and occasional washing. This is why interior paints use a more rigid binding resin, which offers good resistance against the normal wear and tear of family life.

Exterior paints are formulated to stand up against the forces of nature. They use a flexible binder, allowing the paint to expand and contract with the changing seasons. Without this property, the paints would crack quickly. Additionally, exterior paints are designed to resist fading and mildew.

Can I Use Interior Paint Outside? What About Exterior Paint Indoors?

If you try to use interior paint for an outdoor project, you will definitely be disappointed. These paints will simply not hold up against the weather, and paint failure will be on your near horizon. They will crack, fade, peel, and grow mildew well before their time.

Likewise, exterior paints are best not to use indoors. The main thing is that they put off much more gas as the solvents evaporate. Also, as mentioned above, they are not as scuff- and scrub-resistant.

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