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Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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When you choose interior paint colors, what are your goals? Adding a fresh, stylish new look? Certainly! How about finding a color that works beautifully in your space, complementing all the existing features? Definitely.

It’s also crucial, however, that the colors throughout your home link with each other. This is especially important if you can clearly see one room from another, or if you have an open concept where there are very few barriers in your line-of-sight.

Unless you have skills and/or experience with color selection and interior design, this can quickly feel like an overwhelming goal. Don’t worry! This is where the concept of creating a monochromatic color scheme becomes so helpful.

How Does a Monochromatic Color Scheme Work?

Essentially, what you need to do is first choose a color that you love. If you could use a little advice about how to do this, be sure to take a look at a previous article that offers a few practical tips for picking your next interior paint color.

After you paint the first room, you can slightly modify that same color for the next room you paint. This modification is made by doing one of three things:

  • Adjust the shade - Adding a bit of black, darkening the original color
  • Adjust the tone - Add a bit of grey, muting the original color
  • Adjust the tint - This is accomplished by adding white

Monochromatic colors are not identical twins, but more like cousins. By slightly altering the color from room to room, you are creating visual diversity, but the color scheme works beautifully altogether since you are drawing from the same color strip.

Customize with Accent Colors

To add a little extra flavor to your freshly-painted rooms, try using bright, eye-catching accent pieces. This can be a wonderful way to infuse unique color and taste to each space. And, if you get a rush of creative inspiration down the road, it’s also far easier to switch out rugs, pillows, lamps, and frames than it is to update your entire paint scheme.

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