What Does Your Painting Estimate Include? Don’t Forget to Ask!

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

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We recently were chatting with a prospective client and heard an unfortunate, but sadly common, story. This gentleman had been offered what he thought was a very good deal from a local painting company, accepted their estimate, and gave them the green light to begin painting the exterior of his home.

When he returned after work later on, he discovered that the painters were applying the new paint directly over dirt, mold, and mildew.

Even those not very familiar with the painting process know that surface preparation is a huge component in a long-lasting job. Painting over a dirty surface should never, ever be done. Among a host of other issues, it seriously compromises the integrity of the coating and shortens its lifespan.

When this homeowner expressed his concern, the painter simply replied that surface preparation was not part of the estimate he had provided. In other words, if he wanted the job done correctly, he would need to pay more.

Now he not only will need to pay to correct his previous painter’s carelessness, but he also will need to pay for new exterior paint and prep as well. This leads to two very important questions:

  • What is included in your painter’s estimate?
  • Is cheaper really always better?

Do You Know What’s In Your Painting Estimate?

You can save yourself a huge headache (and expense) if you carefully inspect the estimate you receive. Check what it actually covers, and don’t assume anything. There are too many unscrupulous “professionals” who are more than willing to take advantage.

As an extra tip, rather than ask your painter how long the project will take to paint, ask how many "working hours" are included in the bid. Actual painting time is often similar among contractors, but the additional hours invested in proper preparation, cleaning, and property protection are what make all the difference.

Cheap Can Be Expensive!

We all love a good deal, and budget constraints are often a very real factor. Regardless of the home improvement project you have in mind, however, it is often well-worth it to invest in the work of a true professional. It may cost more initially, but it will be done correctly, last longer, and not cause issues down the road due to shoddy practices.

As an example, we never claim to be the cheapest painter in the Portland area. In fact, we wouldn’t even want that title! We would rather be known for fair, honest pricing, and for a product that lasts. In the long-run, that’s the true value that we pass along to our clients.

Do You Need a Professional Painter in Portland?

If so, why not contact us at Sundeleaf Painting? It would be our pleasure to answer any questions you might have, and to provide you with hassle-free, quality service.

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