Using Painted Stripes to Your Best Advantage

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Friday, December 10, 2010

When you’re thinking about ways to liven up your home with paint, stripes can be an excellent option. There are a number of color combinations to try and they will vary depending upon the room that’s being painted.

Add Elegance to a Formal Dining Room with Painted Stripes

Infuse elegance into a formal dining room by using vertical stripes that combine a flat paint and a gloss or semi-gloss paint that are the same color. Using the same color paint for stripes is a subtle effect and works especially well with ivory, taupe and slate blue. For a formal dining room, try same color stripes in widths of eight to twelve inches.

Paint Stripes in Children’s Bedrooms for a Fun Effect

In a child’s bedroom, paint fun stripes in varying shades of color and in varying widths. A girl’s bedroom painted with shades of pink, from pale pink to fuchsia, might be overlaid with stencils of flowers. A boy’s room comes alive with painted vertical stripes of aqua, green and sky blue.  In children’s bedrooms, the stripes don’t have to be completely symmetrical and in fact, using different widths and colors adds interest to a room.

Accent Adult Bedrooms with Painted Stripes

Painting stripes in bedrooms doesn’t have to be relegated to the kids’ bedrooms. Paint the wall behind the headboard of the bed in bold horizontal stripes from floor to ceiling to create a focal point in the room. If you have a desk or a chaise lounge in your bedroom, highlight that wall with painted horizontal stripes.

Brighten Up a Basement with Painted Stripes

We often think of basements as gloomy after-thoughts, but they don’t have to be dark or dreary. One of the biggest trends right now in painting interiors is to use a solid color around the room, and then accent with stripes. Start with a bold color, and ask to have a 2-foot section in the middle of the walls all the way around the room taped off for stripes. Use contrasting colors for the stripes and consider adding a stencil to break up the stripes and to add interest to the room.

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