Time for a Springtime Spruce-up? Exterior Painting & Maintenance Tips

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Friday, March 29, 2019

After a long, wet winter, we are all ready to put the damp and cold behind us. With the coming of warmer weather, it is a wonderful time to clean up and refresh the exterior of our houses. Here are a few exterior house painting and maintenance tips for renewing the appearance of your home this season.

Professional Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a super-efficient way to get your home’s exterior thoroughly cleaned up after the winter! It’s both time efficient (who wants to spend all their time scrubbing their siding by hand?), and cost efficient. Also, pressure washing is an eco-friendly alternative to using chemical cleaners that can be dangerous to the environment; pressure cleaning only uses water. You can pressure wash your vinyl or wood siding, brick home exterior,  asphalt driveway, wooden decks, and so on.

While pressure washing looks simple, it is safest to have a professional pressure washer take care of it. It takes skill, training, and practice to use the right amount of pressure, maintain the correct distance, and use even strokes. Failing to do so can damage the surfaces or leave a streaky, uneven result.

Concrete Cleaning

Similarly, Sundeleaf painting offers professional concrete cleaning services for your concrete walkways, patios, or driveway. All of these areas are heavily-trafficked and tend to build up a lot of dirt and debris, or even, in a damp area like Portland, mold or mildew. Removing all this unsightly buildup not only makes life more pleasant for you, but also raises your home’s curb appeal instantly.

Repainting Your Home Exterior

Paint eventually peels and chips, especially after a long winter with extra moisture and wind. That starts to look shabby very quickly. What better way to completely refresh your home exterior than to repaint? There are almost limitless options, from touching up your trim, to giving your front door a fresh spring color, to repainting your whole exterior! No matter which of these options you choose to go with, exterior repainting will spruce up your abode.

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