Three Tips for Choosing a Living Room Paint Color

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Friday, November 30, 2018

One of the hardest rooms to choose a paint color for is living rooms. Living rooms are often the first part of our home that guests see when they come inside. While living rooms serve many different purposes, they are generally the place where we tend to gather, to relax with family, and to host our friends.

As the name indicates, much of life happens in the living room. This makes remodeling and painting the living room a great investment. It can boost the feel of your whole house. It can also make it hard to choose a color to put into this central hub of the home. When you are choosing a new color for your living room, here are a few tips to help you make a great decision.

Mood and Atmosphere

The first step to choosing a fantastic paint color for you living room is to consider what effect you want your living room to have. Would you like your living room to be a cozy resort where you curl up with a good book and warm cup of tea by a crackling fire?

Or are you hoping your living room will have an energetic and lively feel, a place where adventures are planned?

Maybe you would like your living room to be where great ideas are born, with an artistic and creative vibe.

The color that you choose to paint with will help set the mood of the room. So, to give you an idea of what type of color you are looking for, start by considering what your goal is—what atmosphere you are trying to create.

Matching Your Home

Next, it is helpful to take into consideration the rest of you house. In general, you will want to choose a hue that will compliment the other colors in your home, as well as the style of home.

Paint Color Trends

Finally, if you are not sure of what color you would like to paint your living room, you may want to consider what paint colors are currently popular. Looking up the color of the year, and other trends in paint colors, can offer inspiration and exciting options as you plan your living space. By talking to your local painting contractor, you can get a good idea what colors are being used in fine homes here in the Portland area.

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