The Sundeleaf Legacy: Over 90 Years of Service in Portland

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, February 27, 2020

At Sundeleaf Painting, we are grateful to have a unique legacy. For well over 100 years, our family has been living and serving in Portland in many ways. Several generations, multiple lifetimes, have been spent investing in the communities and helping our neighbors bring new beauty into their lives.

Travel Back in Time: How It Began

Our story goes back to two brothers, Wesley and Richard Sundeleaf, who were born in 1898 and 1900, respectively, right here in the Goose Hollow neighborhood of Portland. Richard Sundeleaf went into architecture, designing all kinds of homes and industrial buildings, crafting his own unique style that has earned him a widespread reputation. Richard designed over 3000 buildings in his lifetime, from Portland, Oregon to London, England, including at least eight that appear on the National Register of Historic Places!

Richard Sundeleaf urged his brother Wesley to use his talents to open a professional painting company, and in 1930, Wesley did just that. Now, 90 years later, Sundeleaf Painting is continuing to thrive as one of the Portland area’s most distinguished painting contractors!

A Legacy of Enduring Beauty and Quality

What qualities did those two brother share that have led to their enduring influence? Most importantly, they had a gift for beauty, and a desire to share that beauty in the lives of their neighbors. In big and small ways, they literally changed the shape and color of life for generations of Portland residents!

Another indispensable characteristic that Wesley and Richard shared was an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of quality. The brothers both poured themselves into their work with unstinting labor to produce beauty that would last, quality that would shine for years to come. 

What the Sundeleaf Name Means to Us Today

For Richard Sundeleaf, his name is carried by the thousands of structures he designed, and his legacy endures as those homes and businesses are still used and admired today.

As for Wesley, we at Sundeleaf Painting carry his name with us into every home and business we enter, and we don’t take that lightly. For 90 years, the Sundeleaf name has been synonymous with elegance, quality, and service, and our goal is to continue living out that legacy every day.

Today, Sundeleaf Painting provides premium painting for discerning clients throughout the Portland metropolitan region, offering unsurpassed quality and the utmost in customer service.

If you are a member of the Portland community and we have not yet had the privilege of working with you, we look forward to that opportunity! We encourage you to contact us to schedule a free, no-pressure estimate, so that you can experience the Sundeleaf legacy for yourself!

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