The Beauty of Wood Refinishing in Portland, OR

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Friday, April 30, 2021

wood refinishing in Portland OR

Another Portland summer is around the corner! We truly couldn’t be more excited and we know you are too.

Now is the perfect time to start taking on those outdoor projects that have been gathering dust on your to-do list. While you’re tackling touch-ups, power washing, and repairs, make sure you set aside time to care for the natural wood finishes around your home too. 

Layers of Beauty AND Protection

Giving your home’s wood a routine refinishing will make your house look brand new. But it’s not just the beauty that we are concerned about (although it’s an obvious plus!).

Refinishing your home creates layers of protection that it really needs. When wood isn’t maintained and coated, it will begin to weaken. In turn, this opens the door to a number of problems, including:

  • Moisture intrusion
  • Decay, rot, and subsequent damage
  • Unwanted pests
  • UV damage

All of these problems will create bigger concerns in the long run, increasing damage and the cost of repair. That’s why we encourage our clients to routinely check in on the health of their wood. Over our years of experience, we have seen that it is worth the investment.

Now Is the Time for Wood Refinishing in Portland

With winter gone and summer coming, now is the perfect time to check this outside “to-do” off your list. Not only will you be able to breathe deeply knowing that your home looks amazing, you’ll also be confident that your home is better protected from outside elements. A double bonus for sure!

Our team of experts is ready to help you refinish the wood on your home. Contact us today so that we can get started with the process! 

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