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It's winter time here in the Portland Area. That means interior season is alive and kicking. Since it's winter, this is the time when we do the lion's share of our interior work. Exterior conditions are less than idea (too much moisture),…


It’s hard to believe that we have reached the end of another great year. Where did the time go? Here at Sundeleaf, we have wrapped up an amazing 2018, all thanks to our loyal clients and dedicated team. As we spend some time reminiscing…


Small rooms generally come in two styles; either they are cozy and intimate, or they are cramped and claustrophobic. I think we all know which one we’d prefer! So, for the petite spaces in your home, how can you achieve the former and…


Many of us here in Portland enjoy sharing our homes with furry, four-legged friends. It adds joy, variety, and companionship to our lives… but it also adds dirt, hair, and dander to our houses! Are there any painting choices you can make that are…


Style choices seem to be endless. What if you don’t exactly know what colors you want for your renovation, or what if you need more inspiration before making your final decision on your home’s style? We are here to help! As…


If you are considering selling your home now, or even in the future, you will be working hard to get the best selling price possible. Obviously you can’t control the location of your home, or market fluctuations. But, the good news is that…

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