Spruce up Your House with Pressure Washing & Concrete Cleaning

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Monday, October 15, 2018

If you are looking to spruce up or bring your house exterior back to life, look no further than a good power washing and concrete cleaning. Professional cleaning contractors will use high-pressure water machines to remove the layer of built-up dirt on your house exterior or concrete driveway. This helps preserve your exterior paint color and brightens the appeal to your home.

If you’ve noticed a dullness or dingy feel to the exterior of your home, then these services are for you. However, you may find yourself asking “Why should I pressure wash my home or get my concrete cleaned? How will these improve the look of my home?”

Pressure Washing - A Necessity for Every Home

Over time, our home exteriors in the Portland metro area bear the repeated rains and airborne particulates which build up a layer of grime. This can make your home look dull and dirty, so professional pressure washers will use a high-powered water spray to scrub the dirt away. This leaves your home fresh and bright, as if it was just painted yesterday!

Professional pressure washing also helps preserve the longevity of your exterior paint job. Because dirt can break down and destroy your house paint, keeping the exterior paint clean will make it last years longer than other houses.

Benefits to Concrete Cleaning

If you want to make any neighbor jealous, a clean, bright concreate driveway holds great curb appeal. Over time, shoes, cars, air pollution, and pets wear down on concreate areas until they begin to develop a tough dirty film – luckily, this is easily fixed! Professional cleaners will use heavy-duty concrete cleaning machines to spray high-powered water while buffing away that dirty film. This will leave any concrete area at least two shades lighter than before, with a polished, professional feel – perfect for reinstilling pride in your home.

Annual Upkeep

Because weather and time build up airborne contaminants on your home, pressure washing and concrete cleaning your home every year proves very important. This will keep your home always looking its best, and if you consider a new coat of paint, pressure washing your home first removes any dirt that would interfere. Should you consider selling your home, concrete cleaning keeps a high curb appeal through bright, like-new concrete. Annually scheduling professional pressure washing and concrete cleaning takes the pressure off and sets homeowners at ease.

Sundeleaf Painting: Portland’s Finest Painting Company

If your house is ready for a fresh face, you can trust Sundeleaf Professional Painting Company to clean your home’s exterior. Our safety-certified contractors provide pressure washing or concrete cleaning services, respectfully and thoroughly. We proudly offer professional pressure washing and concrete cleaning as well as painting services to the Portland metropolitan area. Please contact us today find out how we can help you make the most of your Portland area home!

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