Simple Home Projects with a Big Impact

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Sometimes the easiest projects around the house are the most satisfying. There just isn’t anything that beats the thrill of putting in a little work to see a big pay off. That’s why we rounded up 5 simple projects you can complete in a day or less to get that sense of accomplishment the next time you’ve got the home improvement itch.

Make Your Baseboards Look Their Best

Baseboards and interior trim take a lot of abuse and are also dust collectors. You will be shocked at how much better any room or hallway looks with clean, scuff-free baseboards, so bust out the rag and paint brush and make those baseboards shine!

Pressure Wash Your Exterior Walkways

Pressure washing decks and siding takes practice to do the job right and ensure you don’t cause damage by using too high of a setting. But washing your exterior walkways is a more forgiving process. You will be amazed at the difference removing ground in dirt and any mold or algae can make in your exterior’s appearance!

Paint or Stain Your Front Door

The sun can do a lot of damage to your front door. Old paint or stain fades and can even begin to bubble or peel away from the surface. Giving your front door a fresh coat of paint or stain will create an inviting entrance to your home. Use a high-quality exterior paint or stain and pick a rain-free day that isn’t too hot for the best adhesion.

Create an Accent Wall

Painting an entire room can turn into a big project, but rolling on a new color to a single wall is a breeze. Accent walls draw the eye, so choose one you want to be the focal point. Walls with a fireplace, the direction your living room furniture faces, or larger pieces of furniture against them are all good candidates to become the star of a room.

Ditch the Standard White Ceiling  

Ceilings are the often ignored fifth wall of a room, and there’s a good chance that most, if not all, of the ceilings in your home are painted in flat white. Selecting a paint color other than white will gives your room instant personality. Pale blue is a popular choice, but feel free to get as creative as you want!

Your Next Home Improvement Project

Now that you have a few ideas for how you can quickly and easily make your home look its best. Just remember that the key to any successful home improvement project is to have all your materials prepared before you start and that proper preparation, like cleaning, taping, and patching any holes or cracks, is the foundation to a flawless final result.

As always, if you live in the Portland, OR area and would like help with your next project, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our Painter for a Day service is perfect for knocking out smaller projects like the ones listed above.

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