Should You Stain Your Front Door?

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Front doors are getting extra attention these days, especially as homeowners are playing with more vibrant colors. Instead of traditional black or white options, we’re seeing eye-catching greens, bright reds, orange, and more. This little bit of real estate contributes a LOT to your curb appeal, and is a fun way to add a creative touch. 

But what if you’re a fan of more traditional stained finishes? 

Front Door Staining: Timeless and Charming

Whether you prefer the style, or are just trying to fly above the trends and go with something timeless, stain will ALWAYS be a wonderful choice for your front door. It’s warm, inviting, charming, and it exudes craftsmanship. As an additional benefit, it goes with really any siding color as a pleasant complement, not competing for attention. 

Much like paint, you also have a lot of stain color and tone options too. Go with something lighter that lets your wood grain shine, or maybe something darker (or more “solid”) that offers more surface protection. Your painting company can help you navigate the options, picking just the right one to match your taste and performance needs.

What Should You Know Before Staining Your Door?

Staining is a more complex, labor-intensive process than painting, so the cost is higher. This is, of course, dependent on a variety of factors (there are, for example, some extremely high-end paints that will drive up the cost substantially), but as a typical rule a stained door is a bigger investment. 

It’s also critical that you hire a painting company that has a proven track record. High-end staining calls for in-depth prep and multiple stages to completion, but it delivers the best value and style. Avoid cheaper, faster alternatives that just won’t look good for very long. 

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