Safety in Commercial Painting

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, November 09, 2017

What is your most important consideration in a commercial painting project? The finished product? The price? The schedule? If you are anything like the rest of our commercial clients, safety is your highest priority, though all those other factors take a close second. 

At Sundeleaf Painting, we take safety very seriously, and our committment to you is a hazard-free painting project, from start to finish. It's not just good business; it's how we take care of our neighbors here in Portland. We're sure you would do the same!

How We Keep our Jobsites Safe

Painting tall surfaces is the activity most likely to cause injury or property damage, so that is where we take the greatest care. Of course, we use proper ladders, lifting equipment and safety restraints to protect our commercial painting crews from falling. But we don't stop there!

A dropped can of paint or a carelessly-placed tool can become a serious hazard to your safety and your property. An improperly marked painting area can create dangerous situations if your staff or clients stumble through inadvertently. That's why, when we are working at any elevated level, we take all reasonable precautions to prevent drops, spills, stumbles and similar problems.

Air Quality in Commercial Painting

Height issues aside, the next potential hazard in commercial painting is breathing contaminated air. Some types of surface preparation can release lead dust or asbestos into the air, while many types of spray painting techniques can also put chemicals or particulates into the air. 

To avoid creating breathing hazards, we follow industry best practices for air quality safety. Our employees are trained in how to safely handle lead and asbestos in a way that will not adversely affect your employees or clients. We emphasize breathing protection for our staff whenever the air quality might be compromised, and we take great care to ensure your building occupants are not exposed.

Because commercial painting is often done using spray techniques, overspray can be a hazard to the surrounding surfaces. Careless commercial painters have been known to unintentionally dust floors, furniture or even vehicles with little speckles of paint. That's why we're NOT careless! The safety of your facility includes protecting all non-painted surface from possible overspray, and properly containing our paint spray. Be assured, you'll see the paint where you want it, and nowhere else!

Painting Commercial Buildings in Portland, Oregon

Sundeleaf Painting is an experienced, reliable painting contractor. We serve commercial clients throughout the region of Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. We are a Lead-Safe Oregon certified contractor, and also have recieved the Summit Safety certification. If you have any safety concerns whatsoever during your commercial painting project, don't hesitate to discuss them with our foreman or our office.

Our painting clients include hotels, HOA's, apartments, condos, hospitals, offices, schools, libraries, churches, and much more. Contact us today to begin the discussion for painting your commercial facility!

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