Rental Property Painting Tips

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Real estate, as anyone knows, is an investment. And a great means of investment and steady income can be found through rental property. Here are some things to think about when preparing your rental property for the market.

A New Exterior Look

One of the first things a rental property owner can do is alter the exterior experience of the home or apartment building. Give it a new look. Freshen it up. If it needs a new paint job, get some painters in to paint it. If the exterior needs a new color, talk with an interior designer or paint professional about color choices.

A new, classy exterior look will both attract potential renters but also allow the property owner to demand top market value for the rental.

Don't Just Touch Up The Interior, Paint It

When a renter leaves, some property managers or landlords will do a spot-check and touch-up here and there, maybe clean the walls. But if you're a rental property owner that really wants to get a tenant in quickly and a good price, definitely paint the interior.

It's well enough to draw potential renters who happen to drive by and see an attractive exterior; but in this day of CraigsList and AirBnB, with digital cameras delivering high quality images, it really pays to have nicely-painted interiors. Renters will ask to see a variety of photos via email before they even show up to check the place out. Ideally, you want to pull them in with high-quality photos of the interiors, and back it up with a paint job that looks great in-person.

Go Decorative

If you really want to spruce up a rental property, think of having a paint professional apply a decorative coating to the interior walls. Anything from color washing and chalkboard paint to dry brushing and strié will work nicely. Renters more than likely won't want anything to dynamic, as they'll want to make the space their own, so keep it simple but visually satisfying.


Another option is to wallpaper a rental property's interior. Again, don't get garish or too loud with the wallcovering—keep it simple. Look for a Victorian design or something minimal and modern.

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