Removing Wallpaper Properly

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, July 11, 2013

Removing wallpaper isn't easy work. It's a bit of an artform, and Sundeleaf Painting is happy to do the job for our customers. Here is how it is done peroperly. 

Prep Work

What we do before removing wallpaper is move furniture if necessary, lay down drop cloths, and remove any outlet or electrical plates. We also make sure all of our tools are ready at this point, which include a ladder, spray bottle, scoring tool, and broad knives (three to six inches are ideal). 

Scoring the Walls, Applying the Solution, and Stripping the Wallpaper

Using a scoring tool, we next poke holes in the wallpaper, which allows the removal solution to penetrate the wallpaper's adhesive and release it. The solution is mixed with warm water, which also helps loosen the wallpaper. The walls are soaked with the solution. Occasionaly, steamers can be used, though they can be a bit messy and slower than the solution. Next, we use the broad knife and the wallpaper's edge. The wallpaper's up/down or left/right orientation should be observed, and the wallpaper stripped accordingly. 

Cleaing the Walls

After the paper is removed, more solution should be sprayed on the walls to remove any leftover adhesive. Then, it is left to dry for several days. Afterward, paint or new wallcovering can be applied. 

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