Ready to Paint and Decorate Your Bedroom for Summer?

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

painting and decorating for summer

Winter is definitely in the rearview mirror now, with nothing but blue skies ahead.

As you pack away the last of your long-sleeved clothes, why not give a space or two in your home a new look as well? Signs of winter tend to stick around unless we proactively swap them out with something lighter and brighter.

As an example, let’s throw open the windows and let a little light and fresh air into your bedroom.

Summertime Painting and Decorating Tips for Your Bedroom


  • Wall Color - For a spring and summer vibe, we recommend a lighter neutral. This will allow you to easily add color with accent pieces without creating too much colorful competition.
  • Ditch the Heavy Bedding - Now isn’t the time for a thick, plushy, heavy comforter (unless your AC is really working overtime). Swap it out for linen sheets and a light, cotton blanket. This is a timeless, classic combination that keeps both the style and temperature cool during the warmer months.
  • Bring in the Color - With neutral walls and bedding, let’s add some colorful personality. Pillows are an ideal way to do this, or even curtains (as long as you choose a thinner material and not a heavy drape). You can create a theme here too, with florals, a beachside escape, etc...
  • How About a Plant or Two? - Not only does a touch of natural greenery celebrate spring and summer, but it also has a pleasant, relaxing vibe.

Get Inspired!

There’s no replacement for seeing real-life examples of well-designed spaces that leave you feeling inspired and ready to go.

Here are a few summer bedrooms that we really liked from Click a photo to learn more, and be sure to visit our profile here as well.



And Remember...

The Sundeleaf Painting team is here to help. If you have a painting project in mind in the Portland area, give us a call! It would be our pleasure to serve you.

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