Project Photos: Staining Cedar Shake Siding in Portland

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Saturday, August 29, 2020

One thing we love about Portland is the variety and uniqueness of the architecture. Of all the home styles in this region, one of the most distinctive is cedar shake siding. Natural, durable, beautiful, and versatile, cedar shakes offer a unique and customizeable shell for your home. With proper care, cedar siding should last many decades! What does that care look like? How do you maintain or stain cedar shake siding?

This summer, a Sundeleaf Painting crew has been pouring love (and sweat!) into this spectacular Portland home. From the outside, the cedar siding is a major part of the aesthetics. Let's take a bit of a look at how you paint or stain siding made of cedar shakes.

Cleaning and Repair

Before any coating goes on, a careful washing is needed. A pressure washer does the job well, but extreme caution is necessary, since cedar is a soft wood and can easily be etched by the jet of water. A gentler method would be a scrub brush and garden hose, though that requires a lot more elbow grease!

If there is any mildew or other kinds of growth on the surface, use a fungicidal wash as part of your cleaning process.

Are there any boards that are loose, warping, or split? Now is the time to nail them into place or replace them, as necessary.

Protect the Area

Any time you add an exterior coating to your home, it is important to protect the nearby surfaces, including windows and doors, fixtures, walkways, stairs, and so on. While it might seem tedious to do this step thoroughly, it is truly vital if you want to keep that high-end look on every part of your home!

Recoating the Cedar Shakes

Now is the time to apply your fresh coats to the cedar siding. The steps you take now depend on what type of coating you are going to add. There are three main ways to treat cedar shake siding:

  • Paint
  • Solid Color Stain
  • Semi-transparent Stain

Each of these coating types has its own set of advantages and beauty. Depending on the type you want, you may need to use a primer or some other treatment before you add your top coat.

staining cedar shake siding in Portland, Oregon


Now that the project is done, you get to enjoy the lasting beauty and protection that properly-maintained cedar shakes offer! 

A home with cedar shake siding that we recently restained in Portland

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