Premium Painting: Why We Love Fine Paints of Europe

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Friday, January 05, 2018

In order to acheive truly high-end painting, it is important to use the best-possible materials. One of our favorite premium paints is Fine Paints of Europe. We'll tell you more about it in a moment. First, let us mention that in the state of Oregon, only two high-end painting companies are certified by Fine Paints of Europe, and Sundeleaf Painting is one of them!

To be certified, a painting contractor must be nominated by a local Fine Paints of Europe retailer. We then attended a special training seminar to give us detailed knowledge of their product lines and the best application techniques. Finally, we are required to maintain the most stringent standards of excellence in our painting, offered at a fair price.

What Makes Fine Paints of Europe So Great?

When it comes to high-end paints, it's hard to compete with Fine Paints of Europe. Founded in Holland, a well-established center of fine painting, this company includes only the finest ingredients. Unlike budget paints that rely on plastic or chalk fillers, Fine Paints of Europe uses a high proportion of colorants and the highest grade of binders. The result is richer, truer color, and a smoother, more consistent finish.

One of the biggest differences between American families compared to European families is how long they typically stay in a home. Accordng to Fine Paints of Europe, an American household only stays in a home for an average of four years. Consequently, a typical interior paint is only formulated to give its best peformance for that length of time.

In contrast, European households tend to stay put for an average of 16 years or more. As a result, European homeowners demand more from their paint products, expecting coatings that will stay attractive for well over a decade.

What Types of Premium Paints Do They Offer?

Fine Paints of Europe might be best known for their luxurious, high-gloss paints. Vibrant, deep, bold, and rich, these paints look more like polished stone (see the photo below), while a typical high-gloss paint looks more like bright plastic.

However, Fine Paints of Europe offers far more premium paints than just high-gloss. They offer satin, eggshell, and matte (flat) finishes as well. In contrast to many domestic paints, all of their sheens hold up to light cleaning. They also offer oil-based paints, eco-friendly paints, primers, enamels, and varnishes.

Premium Painting Contractor in Portland

As we mentioned earlier, Sundeleaf Painting is certified to apply products by Fine Paints of Europe. That is because we are known for our high-end painting. To us, premium painting involves every step of the process, including customer service, surface preparation, quality materials, and expert application. 

Servng Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington since 1930, Sundeleaf Painting is a name you can trust.

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