Portland Deck Refinishing: Project Photos

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, July 30, 2020

At Sundeleaf Painting, wood restoration is our specialty. We love stripping away the effects of time to find the hidden beauty in wooden objects, then showcasing it with stains and protective finishing. Whether it is antique furniture, ornate bookcases, wooden entry doors, garage doors, or decks, we enhace what is lovely in wooden surfaces. As part of a larger house painting project here in Portland, we recently refinished this deck. We enjoyed the project so much, we thought you might appreciate the photos!

The Wood Deck Refinishing Process

The hardest part of any wood restoration or refinishing process is the preparation. It begins with a thorough cleaning, and then a cautious removal of prior coatings. The challenge is to use the right products and techniques, which will strip away the surface layers without damaging the wood beneath. 

Once the surface is clean, bare, and dry, we apply the new coatings. Sometimes this includes a stain or colorant, then a protective waterproof coating. On other occasions, the homeowners prefer a more natural look, so we apply the protective finish on the unstained wood.

How Do I Know When My Deck Needs Refinishing?

There are two ways to judge the state of your deck. The first is the aesthetic method. If you feel your deck appears dingy, worn, outdated, or unattractive, then it needs some attention. This could be as simple as cleaning, or it could involve a complete refinishing. Consult your Portland painting contractor to find out what your deck needs to look fantastic again!

The other way to judge the state of your deck is regarding its long-term health. In our damp Portland climate, your exterior wood must be protected from water. If you see signs of water intrusion or water damage, your deck needs attention. Those signs could include the following:

  • Water soaks into the wood as soon as it lands on it (rather than beading up on the surface)
  • Prior coatings are peeling, cracking, bubbling, or turning dull yellow
  • Wood planks are splitting, twisting, or warping

Sundeleaf Painting

For homeowners here in the Portland area, Sundeleaf Painting is the name you can trust for beautiful, reliable work. Since 1930, we have been adding beauty and protection to Portland homes, offering interior painting, exterior painting, deck refinishing, pressure washing, kitchen cabinet painting, and much more! Call us today, or contact us online, for a free estimate for your painting or wood refinishing project.

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