Portland Commercial Painting Services: Power Washing

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Saturday, October 31, 2020

Commercial painting can involve a host of services, and sometimes, rather than applying substances to surfaces, our job is to remove them! Pressure washing is an excellent way to remove unwanted contaminants from your business exterior, restoring your facility to its best look.

Pressure Washing Walls

Vertical surfaces such as exterior walls tend to collect two types of grime. First, airborne substances such as air pollution, dust, pollen, and dirt gradually collect over time. When rain runs down the surfaces, these contaminants tend to leave streaks and splotches. Second, mildew can begin to grow in areas that stay too damp.

Pressure washing the exterior walls off a commercial building is the best way to remove those kinds of unsightly effects, helping your business put its best foot forward.

Professional Concrete Cleaning 

Horizontal surfaces, such as sidewalks, parking areas, patios and outdoor dining areas, tend to collect grime much more quickly. This is because of foot traffic, and because gravity makes it more likely for contaminants to fall on them and stay there.

In order to remedy this unsightly buildup, we use a high-pressure machine that sprays and scrubs the concrete simultaneously. This incredible tool leaves concrete looking better than you could have imagined it!

While concrete cleaning is typically thought of as an outdoor service, it can also be performed on indoor concrete, in areas such as production rooms, warehouses, and parking garages.

Roof Cleaning

Even if no clients ever see the roof of your commercial building, power washing is sometimes advisable for general maintenance. Whether you need the roof surface cleaned, or you have HVAC and other equipment needing cleansing, pressure washing is a helpful service.

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