Popular Painting Projects To Finish Before the Holidays

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, November 18, 2021

popular interior paint projects

We aren’t really sure how we got here so fast, but here we are again in the holiday season! Soon guests will be ringing your doorbell, and we want you to feel that your home is absolutely ready to welcome them. 

So let’s talk about how you can get your home prepared. Perhaps you don’t have time to paint the entire house, so we put together some recommendations to help you focus on the areas where your guests will be the most.

The Living Room

The living room is often the place where a Christmas tree is set up and probably where a lot of pictures will take place. There will be many opportunities for family and friends to relax and laugh together as they sit around and enjoy your company.

For these reasons, we think this is a definite painting project that should be focused on before the holidays. After a year full of activity in this room, giving it a little TLC with a coat of paint will make it shine.

Consider what kind of paint colors you may want in this great room. Do you want a warm color such as yellow, sage, or cream? Do you want a neutral, bright color such as white or gray? You could even get creative with a burst of color on an accent wall. No matter what, we say go with the colors that you love and will appreciate year round. You can never go wrong then!

Entryway and Hallways

It is amazing how much these high traffic areas can get scratched and bumped throughout the year. Painting these areas will not only beautify your home for your guests, but it will also be appreciated even when the holiday decor is long gone, keeping your home looking sharp!

Kitchen & Dining Room

Yep, these are certainly rooms to consider touching up. Holidays are centered around delicious food so you and your guests will probably be frequenting these spaces often. And if you’re looking for a big wow factor, consider painting your cabinets! This is a smart way to skip an expensive and time-consuming remodel but still feel that your kitchen is fresh and new.

Getting these projects done is the perfect way to start your home preparations for a season full of laughter, love, family, and friendships. Let us help you get the job done so that you can keep your focus on the many other joys of this season! Contact us today to get started!

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