Painting Your Entry Door

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Monday, November 30, 2009

It is that time of year again…time to climb up into the attic or venture into the basement to retrieve the dusty boxes of holiday decorations. Great care is given to the placement of every outdoor light and the beautiful fresh pine wreath is ready to place on the door.  To your dismay, the front door, the centerpiece of your entryway, is in need of some fresh paint to cover those streaks and discoloration.  This is the perfect time of the year to do a quick makeover that will provide a beautiful back drop to your holiday decorations.

There is still time to schedule a painter and choose colors.  If you want to make a striking curbside statement, choose a bold color like a tulip red or a bright gold color.

Look for a color that will complement the exterior color of your home, but will draw attention to the entryway.  A more subtle color can complement the exterior and also enhance the interior foyer color. Your paint professional can provide information about the correct type of paint to use on the door and will assist in providing color suggestions.  The project may require a primer (for color enhancement and adhesion) and several coats of paint may be needed to provide adequate coverage.

This entryway “facelift” project will create the perfect back drop for the holiday wreath and will enhance the beauty of your home all year long!



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