Painting Wood Surfaces

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Having wood surfaces in your home painted can seem like a daunting task. The pros at Sundeleaf Painting ensure that your paneling, hardwood flooring, molding and chair rail are painted expertly, for years of durability.

Painted Paneling Artfully Blends into the Woodwork

Paneling isn’t uncommon in old homes, but it can be a bit of a nightmare when you’re trying to update your home. There are a few options for painting paneling. Most homeowners want to downplay the paneling, so it becomes a less-obvious characteristic of the room. Soft, muted shades work well to deemphasize the paneling. Pale green, any shade of off-white and many lighter shades of taupe can all be good choices for painting paneled walls.

Rejuvenate a Hardwood Floor

Purists will say that it’s always a mistake to paint a hardwood floor, but actually, there can be good reasons for having your floors painted. If an old hardwood floor is stained or otherwise beyond repair, having the floor painted can be a less expensive option to replacing the floor.

A painted floor should be in colors that accent the rest of your room. Black, navy and forest green paint all work well on hardwood floors in living rooms and family rooms. In a sunroom or any room where the feel should be light and airy, pale blue, white or seafoam green will reflect back the sun beautifully.

Bring Molding Back to Life

If your rooms seem dull and drab, have the molding painted to bring life back in to your home. Fresh coats of primer and paint can brighten up any molding. Although many people choose to go with white molding, a classic look, some people choose brightly colored accent colors for their interior molding. If you like to be surrounded by color, having your molding painted can work for you.

Add Elegance to Your Hallway 

Painting chair rail is an easy way to bring elegance into your dining room or hallway. Chair rail was frequently added to older homes, but the wood paneling often used with chair rail is sometimes too dark or too light for the rest of the home.  When having your chair rail painted, look for neutral tones that off-set the other walls in the room. If you use yellow in a dining room, use ivory for your chair rail. If you want to draw attention to the chair rail, paint the wood a royal blue or a deep scarlet.

Get help with all of your painting decisions with the pros at Sundeleaf Painting. Our color experts can help you decide what colors will work best with the wood surfaces in your home.

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