Painting Unusually-shaped Rooms

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coved ceilings, refinished attic spaces, dormers and arched walkways are charming additions to any home, but they can present problems when you’re trying to redecorate your home. When you have rooms in your home with unique shapes or architectural details, have them professionally painted to accent the features of your house instead of hiding them.

Coved Ceilings Charm

Coved ceilings are a unique architectural detail found in many old homes and in some newly built homes, too. Sometimes coved ceilings are set off by molding, which can be added to accent this architectural feature. Contrasting colors can be used to paint the highest point of the ceiling, and a faux finish can accent a coved ceiling beautifully, drawing the eye upward to appreciate this architectural detail and making it a focal point in your home.

Refinished Attic Spaces Shine

Refinished attic spaces make charming bedrooms, offices and guest rooms but can pose a challenge when it comes time to choose paint colors. Pitched roofs, long rooms and low ceilings are just a few of the challenges attic spaces pose for homeowners. Warm colors and neutrals make refinished attics cozy places to read, work or study. Or, ask your painting professional about choosing contrasting colors, stripes or using other painting techniques to highlight unusually shaped attic spaces.

Dormers Sparkle with Accent Colors

Dormers are a charming addition to any home, providing extra space and a spot for a window. When you’re thinking about having dormers painted, consider accent paint colors to emphasize your dormers. Yes, continuing the paint colors used in the rest of the room will work, but it’s a safe choice.  Draw attention to dormers by having the wall painted a contrasting color. If there is a window in the dormer, the molding can also be painted with an accent color. These don’t have to be shocking paint choices- an off-white room is balanced with a taupe or pale yellow wall and bright white molding around the dormer windows.

Emphasize Arched Walkways 

Arched walkways between rooms are a charming addition common in many vintage homes. Take advantage of this architectural detail by having the wall with the arched walkway painted a contrasting color or by using a patterned paint technique, like a stencil. In Arts & Crafts homes, vivid reds, greens and blues are not at all uncommon- ask your Sundeleaf painting pros to give you more tips for having unusually-shaped rooms painted in your home.

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