Painting Tips and Tricks to Brighten Up any Home

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Friday, November 19, 2010

There are a number of ways to use paint to brighten up your home. One of our favorite designs can be used to add warmth, elegance and charm to any room in your house: painting above or below (and on top of) the chair rail.

Chair Rail Painting Techniques 

Painting the chair rail in a dining room is an eye-catching way to use paint to ground a room. The chair rail is the molding that sometimes appears along walls at the height of the tops of the chairs, or about waist-high. Chair rails are meant to protect the walls from damage and wear and tear. Ask to have a contrasting color painted below the chair rail molding. The color combinations are endless, but a timeless and beautiful accent is to use a shade that is deeper and darker than the paint above the chair rail molding.

Chair Rail Painting Design Ideas

You can achieve a similar effect in any room without using the chair rail molding. Ask for a painted stripe where the chair rail molding would normally be affixed and use contrasting colors above and below the stripe. You can also forgo the painted stripe altogether, instead requesting two complementary colors of paint that meet at traditional chair rail height.

Bathrooms Sparkle with Chair Rail Painting 

A bathroom is an especially good place to use this technique. Bathrooms are all too often ignored when upgrading and painting interiors. Instead of defaulting to white on white for your bathrooms, try a stand-out color combination instead. Use white for the top of the room, and from the (imaginary) chair rail line to the floor, ask for a pale turquoise or soft green paint instead.

Talk to a member of our experienced staff for more details about chair rail painting, to find out if this technique can work for your home.

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