Painting HOA’s and Condos: Why Bother with Touch-up Painting?

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Wednesday, August 15, 2018

When you are the facilities manager for an HOA or a condo, you don’t need us to tell you that there’s a lot on your plate. There are always so many urgent items on your to-do list, it seems absurd (and maybe impossible) to get to non-urgent tasks like touch-up painting. Plus, there are budget constraints to consider. With all that in mind, why bother with touch-up painting on an HOA or condo?

From our perspective, there are three good reasons to regularly touch-up the paint on multi-family housing: save time, save money, keep it looking better.

How Does Touch-up Painting Save Time?

When the time comes for a full exterior repaint, this involves all kinds of time-consuming logistics. How will it affect the residents? How will the project be staged? What commercial painting company will you hire? When will there be appropriate weather for such a big exterior painting project?

Annual touch-up painting is a far easier option. You already have a commercial painter who you know and trust, who will show up for a couple days to address any trouble spots. 

Regular touch-ups of this kind will keep your exterior paint in great shape, so that you can delay the need for a full repaint of your HOA or condo for several years.

How Does Touch-up Painting Save Money?

As we just mentioned, touch-up painting can put off the next exterior repainting for years. While the yearly touch-ups will have some cost, the reduced need for full repainting should create a significant savings to your long-term budget.

In addition, touch-up painting addresses trouble spots where paint is more likely to fail. When these areas are cared for sooner, it prevents the paint failure that would otherwise lead to extensive (and expensive) remediation. Once the paint is failing, it must be removed (a laborious process) and the area must be primed before you can recoat it. Skilled touch-up painting prevents this scenario.

How Does Touch-up Painting Keep the Homes Looking Better?

Each year that passes causes exterior paint to degrade. Additionally, the changing seasons leave residue on the surfaces. This means that after a couple years, things don't look as fresh or new. You can't afford a full repaint every couple years, so what do you do?

Hire a commercial painting company that offers pressure washing and touch-up painting for HOA's and condos, and you're all set! Your facility will look fantastic, year after year, which means that you will look fantastic too!

HOA and Condo Painting in the Portland Metropolian Area

If you manage an HOA or a condo in the Portland metropolitan area, we would love for you to consider Sundeleaf Painting for your maintenance needs. We offer pressure washing, touch-up painting maintenance, and full exterior repainting. We also provide interior painting, concrete cleaning, carpentry repair, wood refinishing, and more!

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