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Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Monday, November 27, 2017

Of all the walls on planet Earth, it might be daycares that endure the heaviest use. For a pre-school-aged child, peanut butter can become finger paint, matchbox cars become projectiles, and any handy surface will do as a napkin to wipe dirty hands on. That's why special care and consideration are needed when painting daycare facilities!

What's Unique about Painting a Daycare?

Durability: As we've already described, the walls of a daycare are a constant target for messes, scuffs and scrapes. That's why we offer drywall repair as part of our surface preparation. We also use premium paints that hold up better over time. Finally, we can recommend the most washable, durable paint sheens so that the walls don't become faded or worn out by frequent washing.

Product Safety: Nobody wants to cause any risk to a child. That's why we have earned certification for safely dealing with lead paint, and we have a variety of non-toxic paints and stains we can use when painting daycares. We also recommend using zero-VOC paints because they cause almost no odor, improving indoor air quality.

Flexible Schedule: Our commercial painting crews are ready to paint whenever it is most convenient for your schedule. Nights, weekends, holidays... we'll be there when you want us, so that you can continue your normal operations in the daytime.

Commercial Painting Services for Daycares

At Sundeleaf Painting, we offer a wide range of painting services for child-care facilites:

One of the services we are most excited to offer is decorative finishes and mural painting. If you want a door to look like tree bark, or a post to look like a marble pillar, or if you want a scene from nature on your wall, we can do that!

Sundeleaf Painting has been serving the Portland area since 1930. We are devoted to providing excellent customer service and superior painting results, as generations of satisfied customers can attest. In addition to daycares, we also paint schools, hospitals, churches, offices, hotels, restaurants, and much more. Call us to begin discussing your next painting project!

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