Painting a Kitchen Island: Tips and Photos

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Wednesday, November 27, 2019

For beauty and practicality, few features can match the kitchen island in providing storage and work spaces in an attractive format. Whether your kitchen is ultra-modern, shabby-chic, or classic-farmhouse, the kitchen island offers a world of possibilities.

When it comes to painting or refinishing a kitchen island, the creative potential is amazing. We would like to show you one recent project we completed as an illustration of what can be done with your kitchen island here in Portland.

A Black Beginning

As you can see, we started with a slightly glossy black that was showing the effects of time and use. The structure was still solid, the hardware was great, and the countertops were very nice, but the nicks and scratches were detracting from the look, and the overall appearance didn’t have any wow factor. 

We Work Our Magic

At Sundeleaf Painting, one of our specialties is restoring woodwork with a custom, factory-grade (or better) finish. When possible, we bring the workpieces out of your home and into our specialized spray shop. This allows us to control the environment with specific parameters for an ultra-fine finish, and we can be out of the homeowner’s way throughout the process. Fortunately, when it is not possible to remove the item from the home, we can recreate our spray shop in the home environment for equally fabulous results.

In the case of painting a kitchen island, you can see that we use the “mobile spray shop” method. What’s going on behind the mysterious curtain? Wait and see!

The End Result

Using premium quality paint and professional spray equipment, we applied a durable, beautiful new color to the kitchen island. The hardware, though unchanged, pops with an amazing new shine, and the whole island looks like something right out of a magazine or a show home!

Because the island has one solid surface countertop and one section of butcherblock, it made sense to use two different paint colors on the island. The effect has both unity and variety, one of the keys of balanced, attractive design.

Tips for Painting Kitchen Islands

Choosing a color for your kitchen island is one of the biggest decisions you will make regarding the overall look of the kitchen. Here are a few concepts to keep in mind:

  • If the island is the same color as the surrounding cabinets, they will look great, but they will not stand out as much. If your kitchen is limited in space, this may help to keep it from feeling too crowded.

  • In a larger kitchen, it is great to choose a contrasting color for your kitchen island. If you go with neutral tones, such as white, gray, or black, you can hardly go wrong, since these match with everything. However, deep navy, sage green, rich burgundy, and other bold colors can also create a stately showpiece.

  • If your hardware is outdated, now is the time to replace it! Why waste an amazing new paint job on outdated, worn-out knobs and pulls?

Sundeleaf Painting: Premium Cabinet Painting in Portland

For homeowners in the Portland area, there is no finer choice than Sundeleaf Painting to work a transformation on your kitchen cabinetry. Whether you desire to refinish your stained cabinets, or you prefer to paint them, we have the tools and expertise needed to create a lasting work of beauty. Sundeleaf Painting has worked in many exclusive homes throughout the Portland metro region, earning a reputation for unsurpassed results in painting and refinishing.

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