Oregon Coast Color Palette

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Monday, January 24, 2011

Oregon Coast Color Palette

Love the Oregon coast? You’re not alone- we love it, too. Whether it’s the blue sky of summer, or the soft gray of driftwood, choosing paint colors inspired by the coast warm up the coolest of city homes. Bring the beach into your home with a color palette inspired by the coast.

Paint Colors Inspired by the Coast 

Dove gray might not seem like a first choice for a wall color inspired by the beach but in fact, nothing is more reminiscent of the driftwood found along the Oregon coast. Brighten any room with soft dove gray walls enhanced by bright white moulding. Pale gray walls are enhanced by almost any shade of hardwood floor, and brown and black furniture will both pop against a painted gray wall.

Beach Inspired Rooms Pop with Painted Accent Walls 

Accent a room painted in dove gray with one wall painted in deep charcoal. Use the charcoal wall as an accent, to display your favorite finds from the beach. A shadow box filled with shells, a painting of the coast found in a little shop in old town or a driftwood mantle will be perfectly framed by a deep charcoal painted wall. Pale blue, ivory or navy also all work well as an accent wall in a dove gray room.

Beach Inspired Bedroom

A beach inspired bedroom brings the warmth of the ocean into your home. Pale blue walls work well with both carpeted or hardwood floors. Choose a shade of blue paint that is warm to make your bedroom a snug haven against the winter months. Chair rail painting techniques and painted stripes can also be used in a bedroom to help create space and to add accents to a freshly painted room.

Sundeleaf Painting has a long history (80+ years!) of helping customers choose the right color combinations for their homes. If you’re unsure about what colors of paint to use, talk to one of our consultants about your ocean-inspired vision, and we’ll help you pick the perfect colors for your home.

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