Kitchen Cabinet Painting in Portland - Don’t Miss This Beautiful Finish!

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It’s no secret that cabinet painting is one of the hottest kitchen trends right now. In fact, we might even say its one of the hottest house painting trends overall.

It’s not that the practice is particularly new; homeowners are just enjoying a fresh appreciation for the potential that high-end cabinet painting holds. And, fewer places offer more of a return on investment than the kitchen, both in daily enjoyment and long-term, practical value. Simply put, kitchens are a big deal!

And, if you already love your kitchen’s design and don’t need a drastic layout change, why not simply update the color? It’s much less intrusive than pulling and replacing cabinetry, and often more cost-effective too.

To see exactly what we mean, join us for a quick tour of this local painting project. Our work involved painting the walls and ceilings as well, but we think you'll agree that the transformed kitchen cabinets really stole the show.

What Does the Cabinet Painting Process Involve?

We coordinated closely with another local craftsman who completed much of the actual woodworking. Our specific process involved the following:

  • Complete cabinet painting
  • Glaze detail on the cabinetry - This adds a professional quality, including enhanced depth, color, and finish
  • Applied a clear, protective coating - Cabinets may be beautiful, but they also have to work hard! This clear coating added an essential barrier of protection for the wood, ensuring it was up to the challenge

Thorough Preparation and Project Containment

As a high-end Portland painting company, one of the ways that we distinguish ourselves is by investing the proper time in thorough surface preparation. This not only includes prepping the surface to be painted or refinished, but also completely containing our workspace and protecting surrounding areas. If a painter skimps on or minimizes these essential early steps, well, they are not worthy of your trust or business.

This is what our prepped kitchen space looked like, ready for a transformation!

cabinet painting in Portland, OR

cabinet painting in Portland, OR

Off-Site Cabinet Painting - Our Portland Spray Shop Is a Huge Asset

For the best results, cabinet painting requires a very controlled space. Just for this sort of project, we have a fully-equipped spray shop here in Portland. Not only does this create that ideal application and curing environment, but it also allows us to work in the most efficient and orderly way possible.

In this case, we were able to complete all of the cabinet doors and drawer faces off-site at our facility. The fixed cabinet boxes, paneling, and hood were painted on-site.

Be sure to click through the photos above to grasp the full scope of this project. The kitchen is simply gorgeous!

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