Interior Painting? Here’s Why You Should Consider a Professional Color Consultation

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Tuesday, February 07, 2017

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If you’re like most homeowners, picking a new paint color is both fun and challenging. The options may seem endless, but so are the possibilities.

We recently shared a few tips for how to pick new interior paint, but there’s one important element of the process that we skipped in that article. Why? Well, it really deserves to be featured on its own.

Talking to a color professional.

Why Is a Color Consultation Such a Good Idea?

If you needed new dress clothes for a formal event, would you just walk into a clothing store, grab the first few items you saw, and leave?

Probably not. Unless you really like the eclectic look.

Before you put down your hard-earned dollars, you would likely talk to the associate available in the store, discuss your style, the requirements of the event, and what you like and don’t like. They can then guide you to their professional recommendations, helping you to put together the perfect ensemble in no time at all.

The same really applies to color.

Here’s what you can expect during a color consultation:

  • A discussion of your tastes and preference
  • An exploration of your overall goals; what do you need from your paint?
  • A thorough inventory of your existing decorations and furniture, helping to build a plan that really works in your home
  • A walkthrough of your interior spaces
  • Factoring in your accent colors (which ones change and which ones will stay the same)

Talk To Your Local, Professional Painting Company!

Just like you try on clothes to make sure you like the cut and style, paint is a personal, specific process. It can’t be chosen in a generic way, or picked because it looks good in a room from a magazine or online. Get inspiration from those pictures, but then work with a professional to determine what will really be a perfect fit for your home.

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