Interior Design Tips: Using Dark Interior Paint Colors

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Monday, October 08, 2018

There is no doubt about it – dark interior paint colors are making their mark in homes across America, from artsy studio apartments to elegant estates! These shadowy tones can come across as bold or moody, daring or luxurious, as long as they are used well. If you are interested in adding rich, eye-catching tones to your home interior, here are some design tips to help you do it well.

You Want Vibrant, Not Dull

Not all dark colors are the same. Some have depth and character, while others are just plain dull and dark. Look for tones that don’t fit easily onto a grade-school color wheel, like indigo, amethyst, or charcoal. Generally, a satin or even semi-gloss paint is the best sheen to really make the walls stand out.



Use It in Larger Rooms with Natural Light

Dark interior paint colors can have the effect of making a room feel smaller, so it’s better to use them where that effect will not be noticeable, or might even be welcome. Also, a room with large windows or French doors can handle dark paint colors well, since there is a lot of natural light.



Use Lighter Accents

When a room has dark walls, the lighter items in the room really pop! Use throw pillows, a light rug, artwork, a lamp… there are so many possibilities to choose from. A mirror on the wall can also add brightness and depth to the room.



Insist on Premium Paint and Painters

A darker wall is more apt to show up a poor paint job, whether it be the fault of inadequate surface preparation, or of low-quality paints. To make your room glow with personality and charm, you need a premium interior paint job. Ask your painting contractor about the kind of surface preparation they plan to do, and indicate that you want high-quality paints.


Painting Experts in the Portland Metropolitan Region

If you live in the greater Portland region and you are ready for a change in your home interior, Sundeleaf Painting would love to help you! We can assist you with professional advice as you work through the paint color selection process, and of course, we also provide top-of-the-line painting services. Using industry-leading techniques and premium materials, our well-trained painters will make your walls sing!

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