How to Care For Your Newly Painted Walls

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Friday, November 20, 2009

It is a glorious day when the last piece of furniture is carefully placed back in the room. The painter gathers the last drop cloth and the freshly cleaned paint brushes, rollers and buckets. The sun is shining in the back window, revealing that perfect blue, green or red that you worked so hard to find while strolling through countless paint and home improvement stores. Those weeks and months of planning are finished! But, as the painter cleans up his gear and leaves for the last time, your job is just beginning.  In order for those walls to stay in their perfect pristine state, you must be vigilant in taking care of them. Several easy steps will guarantee their fresh look for years to come.

The first step should actually already be done. Considering the type of paint for the room (high-traffic room vs. low-traffic room) is crucial. Gloss and semi-gloss are easier to clean, but matte and satin finishes are often preferred in bedrooms and living spaces.

The second step is to take measures that may prevent marks and dirt from staining your walls. Chair railing, wainscoting and baseboards can all help to hide marks or prevent future marks.  Also, when hanging artwork, affix a small piece of rolled painters tape to the back of the frame. It will keep the frame from shifting and creating scratch marks.

Third, keep touch up paint on hand. Mark the paint can well and place in a cool dry environment. Also, keep small, clean paint brushes on hand so they are available when needed. Remember that over time, paint color can change slightly and the touch up might be slightly different than the original color. To minimize the color difference, slightly dab a minimal amount of paint onto the wall.

The fourth step involves learning how to carefully wash those beautiful walls! Use some warm to semi-hot water with a sponge. Gently, wipe over the walls, rinsing well. Make sure that you start at the bottom of the walls, and thoroughly wring out the cloth you are using.  Water running down walls can create marks, so carefully wash and carefully dry the walls.  For tough marks, use a small amount of baking soda, but rub gently over the stain. Most marks will disappear with a little cleaning and your walls will have a fresh look! And finally, remember that starting with premium paint on your walls will give you a better value for your money. Premium paint allows for easier cleaning and better touch up. Keeping your walls clean and mark free will create a beautiful backdrop to that beautiful room!

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