How Can a Painter for a Day Help Me Prepare for Holiday Guests?

Posted by Sam Sundeleaf on Saturday, September 29, 2018

Most of us don’t feel that we need to get our entire house repainted as a part of preparing and decorating for the holidays. However, most of us would like to get our houses spruced up for holiday guests. A great way to do that is painting, and a great way to do that painting is to hire a painter for a day. This service is ideal for small painting projects!

Repaint or Restain Your Front Door

Having your front door repainted would be a great way to use our painter for a day service to prepare for holiday visitors. A freshly painted front door will give a wonderful first impression to guests! A front door is a great place to get creative with colors and express your personality, so it’s always fun to choose the colors, watch them being put on the door, and finally see your friends' admiring faces as they approach your home.

Freshen Up a Bathroom

You can have a guest bathroom completely repainted, or a larger bathroom freshened up with our painter for a day service. A fresh, clean, bright bathroom is always nice to walk into! A whole space can be transformed by a new color.


Touch-Up Your Baseboards

Often, we don’t realize how dirty something is until we clean it, or how old something was until we replace it. Baseboards are one of those things; they tend to be overlooked, but if you get them touched up, it will really make a difference to the way the interior of your home feels for you, and for your visitors. It makes perfect project for a painter for a day!

Expert Painters in the Portland Metropolitan Area

If you would like to hire a painter for a day (or more), we invite you to check out Sundeleaf Painting Company! We offer a wide range of services including interior painting, exterior painting, wallpaper services, wood refinishing and restoration, deck refinishing and restoration, power washing, and (of course!) painter for a day. Please feel free to call us at (503) 236-9797 if you have any questions, or click here to schedule a free estimate today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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